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MO-150-5B Mechanical Weld Oscillator

The MO-150-5B mechanical weld oscillator automatically weaves the welding arc increasing production rates and adding better arc control. The MO-150-5B is a stand-alone, bolt on system that includes a control and motorized slide.

  • Provides smooth, stable, and precise oscillating movement of the welding torch
  • Increases sidewall fusion, eliminates undercut
  • Improves most overlay or cladding operations 
  • Increases productivity for multi-pass welds 
  • Improves weld quality and appearance 
  • Compatible with PTA, GTAW, PAW, GMAW, FCAW, and SAW weld processes 
  • Independent dwell settings and speed settings for each side 
  • Sealed slide assembly with high speed, high torque stepper motor drive 
  • Weight capacity of slide is 150 lb (68 kg) out 2” (50 mm) from mounting surface

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